Rayfield Wright, BBQ and A Band of Brothers

Big Cat Rayfield Wright Night

One of the Greatest Guys You'd Ever Meet...
by Melody Gillespie

Not just because #70 is one of the greatest NFL football players, ever; but because of the kind of person he is.  

Friday night A Band of Brothers played at one of their favorite spots: The Railhead Smokehouse in Willow Park.  Funny, it was a big football night for Aledo too, their homecoming.  The place was packed and the crowd adorned in orange and black, homecoming mums and horns, really loud horns.  The night became an even bigger football night when my Dad leaned over and pointed to a big guy walking in the patio area with a beautiful lady.  "Hey, that guy looks like Rayfield Wright."  "Yes, Dad.  That is Rayfield Wright." So sure I went over to his table and introduced myself for a second time.  The first time, we met on stage at Winfree Academy's graduation.  Drew Pearson was the guest speaker and Rayfield's daughter had just walked the stage as a graduate.  Rayfield smiled and welcomed my intrusion.  In fact, he didn't mind it all.  He wasn't one of those athletes that becomes too important to talk to his fans.  In fact, he is just what you would expect of a great man that has used his fame to pay it forward and help others through his foundation and by walking the talk himself.  

I got such a kick out of seeing him have a good time and enjoying A Band of Brother's music.  Now the table is turned a little bit.  For years, great fans of Big Cat, each member of the band, and me of course, are thrilled that now Rayfield is a fan of the band.  Sending him home with A Band of Brothers' CD and of course the t-shirt, we just all want to say "Thank You Rayfield" you are a true gentleman and great guy! You made it a special night for the some of the most important men in my life; My Daddy (Wayne Gillespie), Danny Cochran and the Brothers! 


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